Outdoor Creative Optimiser (OCO)

The JCDecaux Outdoor Creative Optimiser (OCOptimiser) enables JCDecaux clients to test the effectiveness of their Outdoor campaign artwork and to analyse the results prior to production deadlines.

Outdoor Creative Optimiser OCO examples

How Outdoor Creative Optimiser works

The OCOptimiser uses an online panel to pre-test Outdoor campaign artwork. The respondents are exposed to street scenes containing posters that are being tested. The respondants’ eye movements are tracked while they are “travelling” through the virtual street. At the end of this journey, they are asked a series of questions relating to: brand and product recall, their liking of the campaign and their understanding of the campaign’s message.

The OCOptimiser is adaptable and flexible, covering all activities and formats that JCDecaux operates and is available in most Group countries across the world.

Effectiveness Data

Outputs from the OCOptimiser provide data that helps to understand how individual Outdoor campaigns are viewed and processed by their audience. In addition, the data also provides comparable measures of effectiveness within different sets of campaign artwork.

JCDecaux OCOptimiser achieves a fast turnaround and enables us to offer advertisers a service that can deliver data-driven results within a workable time frame, even within the tight delivery timelines that Outdoor has to deal with traditionally.

“Our work with JCDecaux and the JCDecaux OCOptimiser has proved ground-breaking. It has provided much learning and added value to improving our consumer communication decision making process.” Nigel Cowlin, Media Director – Unilever UK & Ireland

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