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JCDecaux offers worldwide advertising opportunities across all types of public transport systems, including metros, trains, trams, buses and taxis. It is the worldwide leading company in transport advertising. It holds major Metro concessions in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Santiago de Chile, Berlin, Rome, Milan, Prague and Vienna.

JCDecaux’s transport advertising allows advertisers to reach very high volumes of people on a regular and frequent basis, both during their daily commute and when out and about for leisure activities. Advertisers can capitalise on the long dwell times and the enclosed environments, which present many possibilities for engaging, innovative and impactful campaigns.  JCDecaux’s increasing digitalisation of these environments makes them the ideal locations for advertiser to create both memorable experiential experiences and achieve one-on-one engagement through digital panels, interactive panels, area domination, story-telling, etc.

By their very nature, public transport systems reach all key areas within a city. This means JCDecaux transport is able to give advertisers targeted access to high-value, influential audiences within desirable, high-density sectors such as business, entertainment, high-end retail and academia.

High volume, high frequency, targeted and innovative campaigns are the mainstay of JCDecaux’s transport offering.



JCDecaux Airports offers a global network spanning both major international hub airports and regional airports.  It is the No.1 airport advertising company worldwide.

Our key international gateway airports include Heathrow, Paris CDG, Hong Kong, New York JFK, Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok and Beijing.

The JCDecaux Airport offer encompasses all formats and can reach international passengers on many levels – High-impact through iconic exterior sites and interior mega sites, and deeper engagement through digital networks, interactive, experiential and sponsorship opportunities. With passengers spending an average of 3 hours in the airport there is ample time for brands to create an impactful and lasting impression with high value international audiences.

The airport environment itself also bestows a benefit to advertisers as brands seen advertising at airports are perceived to be prestigious, modern, international and market leaders.