Street Furniture

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Street Furniture

The concept of high quality city street furniture funded through advertising was first introduced by JCDecaux in 1964. The initial installations were well-designed bus shelters in the city of Lyon, but JCDecaux quickly expanded its range of street furniture on offer to cities and is now the number one in street furniture advertising worldwide with operations in Europe, Middle East, Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa.

JCDecaux’s Street Furniture offering includes advertising panels on bus shelters, free standing panels, columns,  flag poles, clocks, kiosks, etc.

Street Furniture offers a high quality, highly visible advertising medium located in city areas with high traffic flow. It enables brands to connect with consumers during their day-to-day lives, whether commuting for work, shopping or out and about for other leisure activities. Street Furniture advertising will reach a mass audience but networks can also be selected to target specific audiences around key locations, such as business areas, shopping centres, cinemas, etc.

Street Furniture is also an ideal advertising format for brands seeking one-to-one engagement.  By utilizing the latest smart technologies such as NFC, QR codes, gesture & facial recognition, augmented reality, etc., advertisers can establish intimate links with their target audience.



JCDecaux‘s retail offer spans both shopping malls and supermarkets, with operations in Europe, Asia, Middle East and America. The portfolio offers premium malls in top markets around the globe.

The retail networks reach a quality audience with high disposable income who are in a destination and mind-set to spend money. The networks are designed to work within the mall environment and are strategically positioned to follow the path of the shopper. They offer key point-of-sale and proximity opportunities, allowing advertisers to reach consumers close to their final point of purchase decision.

Our supermarket panels are specifically located just before entry into the store so can act as a very effective final prompt before purchase.

The retail portfolio includes an increasing number of high quality full motion digital panels which are extending the consumer engagement possibilities.