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Travel and transport is vastly important in the quality of urban life, therefore JCDecaux conducted a self service bicycle scheme. The hiring of the bicycles is very simple to use; the cyclist can hire and collect a bicycle and then drop it off at any docking station whenever they want. JCDecaux provides 47,000 bicycles for self service rental as well as 3,800 docking stations. The scheme was first launched in 2003 in Vienna and has now expanded into 67 cities within 10 different countries across Europe and Asia-Pacific. The scheme is proving a great success as JCDecaux has achieved a total of 200million self service rentals worldwide. The bicycles have been created with the cyclists needs/expectations taken into consideration; for example comfortable saddles, 3 or 7 speed gears, bicycles with stronger baskets and many more. The environment was also considered as self service bicycle rentals saved an estimated 31,554 tons of CO2 2010. In 2007, when Vélib’ was launched in France, 15% of users replaced their car journeys with self-service bicycle trips (Sources: Bilan des déplacements 2007 – Paris Transport Observatory).

It does not stop there. Here, at JCDecaux, we are constantly looking at ways to advance and continue the scheme. As a result of this, a free application called AllBikesNow, which can be downloaded to iPhone and Android devices, provides a large amount of information to user in terms of availability of bicycles, the location of docking stations and updated account details.





Unilever was the first company to sponsor this individual public mobility system in Japan. The Cyclocity Toyama scheme includes 150 bicycles available for self-service rental, all of which advertise Unilever across the front of the basket and over the back wheel. is an online resource with a wealth of information about the innovative bicycle hire scheme designed by JCDecaux, world no. 1 in self-service cycling.




Cyclocity® is an “eco-friendly means of transport” that JCDecaux is making available for local authorities. It is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution designed to promote greater mobility.

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